Breed Specialty

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SRTKs BREED SPECIALTY Sunday 16th of July 2023!

Wow, a double weekend – on Saturday 15/7 SDHK also has an exhibition at the same place!

  • Exhibition place: Eskilstuna Brukshundklubb
  • Judge: Mr. Jahn Stääv
  • Registration fee:
    Puppy class I (4-6 m) Puppy class II (6-9 m) = SEK 180
    Junior class (9-18 m) = SEK 370
    Young dog class (15-24 m) = SEK 370
    Open class (from 15 months) = SEK 370
    Champion class = SEK 370
    Veteran class (from 8 years) = SEK 100
  • Registration via SKK: Internet registration here
  • Deadline for registration and payment: 19 June by post and 26 June via the internet before 12.
  • Registration by post: download the form Competition registration here and send it to: Dogpaws N Shows AB, c/o Fugelstad, Lyckåsvägen 22, 142 51 Skogås, SWEDEN.
  • The registration fee is paid to: PhaléneSällskapet, postal order 931342-0 PhS. State reg. no., name and class on payment.

Membership in SRTK is required, except puppy class.

Questions regarding your registration: Dogpaws N Shows AB, phone: +46 760-082874, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6-8 PM or mail:

General information: Karin, phone: +47 737-52 5532 or mail: or the Swedish Kennel Club, Competition Department, +46 (0)8-795 33 22, at 10-12 AM or at 1-3 PM.

Welcome to The Specialty!

Winners of The Specialty can title themselves as BISS – Best In Show Specialty!

This is an arrangement with the Mini Group